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To Educate and Inspire Today's Students for Tomorrow's Opportunities To Educate and Inspire Today's
Students for Tomorrow's Opportunities
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Western School Corporation Logo and Brand Information

The Branding Manual outlines the use of the now official Western School Corporation brand/logo.  As outlined in the manual, to maintain our brand consistency, all parties utilizing any element of our brand/logo need to meet the specifications outlined in the manual.  The only approved exception to the manual is that red has now been officially adopted as an accent or outline color for the black or white “W” or black or white lettering.

Changing from the many variations of Panthers, “W”, etc. will take time.  The key is to use the new brand/logo from this point forward and replace previous displayed or used logos as it is economically feasible.

Official Western Uniforms and Attire

Athletic uniforms, co-curricular attire, extracurricular uniforms/attire, and any other school uniform or attire used by an individual or team representing Western is to follow this manual.

Unofficial Western Attire

At times, school organizations have T-shirts, signs etc. made to promote the school organization or to memorialize an event, that are not part of an official Western Uniform.  The manual is to be followed for these types of attire, signs, etc. any time a Panther, “W”, Western, or initialing such as “WHS”, “WMS”, etc. is used that would identify Western.  Additional graphics, wording or lettering to individualize the organization can be added and does not need to follow the guidelines (e.g. Drama Club, Soccer,, Class of 2018, etc.)  As stated in the manual, the logo is recommended to be used against Black, Silver Grey, transparent or neutrals such as Grey/Silver.  Other non-official school color backgrounds (e.g. light blue, pink, tie dye, etc.) require building level administrative approval. 

Promotional Equipment, Attire, Signs, Matts, Etc.

We will contact outside companies, businesses, and vendors who have used our previous logos or have created their own and work with them to move to our new brand/logo.

Logos and guides may be obtained by contacting the Superintendent's office.

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Interested in becoming a Western Panther?

Western School Corporation will now be accepting applications from students interested in transferring to our schools beginning 1st semester of the 2017-18 school year.  The application, which contains information on what documents you will need to provide, can be accessed at the link below.

Applications can now be submitted online by clicking the link below!

Application for Transfer

Please submit in person or by mail to the following:

Attn: Request for Transfer
Western School Corporation
2600 S 600 W
Russiaville, IN 46979

We recommend submission of the transfer application as soon as possible, our transfer guidelines are available below.

Guidelines Document

The following is a list of school contacts, feel free to call with any questions (765) 883-5576:
Randy McCracken ext. 5126

Rick Davis, WHS ext. 4030
Tracy Horrell, WMS ext. 3030
Pat Quillen, WIS ext. 2030
Steve Arthur, WPS ext. 1030

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Employee and Students of the Month

Employee of the Month
Amber Gaskins 

Students of the Month:
Western Primary School:  K. Hanger
Western Intermediate School:  I. Ernsting
Western Middle School:  O. Green
Western High School:  P. Schneider

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Understanding your Students and the Technology World they live in

Students today are exposed to technology which parents would not have even dreamed of when they were kids.  Common Sense Media is a comprehensive website that can help parents understand what their children are accessing and how to continue the discussion with students at home while on their personal devices.  

Common Sense Media addresses many of the concerns and questions parents have today in regards to the technologies their students are accessing. 

The website is completely free and accessible on any internet accessible device.

The list below is only a few of the items the site addresses:
News and Media Literacy                          Social Media (Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter)
Screen Time                                                       Cell Phone Parenting
Technology Addiction                                  Media Violence
Cyberbullying                                                   Body Image
Privacy and Internet Safety                     Marketing to Kids

logo common sense education rgb 1

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Western School Corporation Mission Statement:
To educate and inspire today's students for tomorrow's opportunities.
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